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Use a Handgun Safe With Kids in The House


If parents choose to keep a handgun at home, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe and away from children. Handguns are supposed to keep your home safe, not make your home unsafe for kids.

You need to find a safe place to store your handgun and at the same time have it as accessible as possible. One of the criteria should be to find a place that is totally out of reach from children. Under the mattress or in a night stand is not out of reach! Also keep it where your children cannot see it. Even if it’s inside a box or case, you need to hide it someplace where children are unable to see it and trigger their curiosity. You certainly don’t want them to find it and cause harm to anyone. And you should realize that if they do, you will be charged and go to jail in most states.

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bullet caliber comparison picture
Click on pic for a complete visual reference of bullet calibers.

Bullet caliber should be an equally important consideration as the gun itself. Ammunition is also known as a “cartridge”, the cartridge of a gun is also called a “bullet”. There are specific sizes of bullet calibers, depending on the type of gun you have. This ammunition guide was developed to help you discover what suits your specific needs when it comes bullet caliber.

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