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Taurus 4510 Public Defender, Model 45/410

5 Shot .45 Colt or .410 Gauge Shotshell Revolver
MSRP: $617

Available in a carbon steel or stainless steel frame with pink handgun grips. Great Conceal Carry Weapon, Perfect Handgun for Women, Accurate and Versatile, Great Safety Features, Highly Recommended!


Taurus 4510 Public Defender, Model 45/410 with Pink Handgun Grips for Women

Introducing the perfect revolver for women! The new Taurus 4510 Public Defender M45/410-2PD Revolver is sleek, beautiful, chic and easy to carry for self-defense. There is no need to worry about your safety against thieves, rapists and other criminals as long as you carry this cute pink handgun everywhere you go.

The Taurus 4510 Public Defender M45/410-2PD is not just your ordinary handgun! Who says handguns must always be black? Now, many women can carry this chic pink handgun that functions very well in protecting yourself at home or as a concealed carry weapon. This type of revolver for women is very versatile and accurate; you can scare anyone who unexpectedly attacks you on the street. It’s a formidable gun for women at close range or far.

What I especially like is it’s patented safety feature to protect against accidental firing, which is much better than your standard safety on many guns today.

Taurus Locking System on Pink Handgun for Women

Also, this one of a kind pink handgun is very easy to conceal. It is small that you can easily carry it with you without making it so obvious that you are carrying a weapon for self-defense, yet very effective.

Taurus 4510 Public Defender M45/410-2PD Revolver is designed for both long and close range attacks. Here are some of the other features of this pink handgun that will surely convince you that it the perfect weapon of choice:
• Single/Double
• Caliber – 410 shotgun shell or 45 Long Colt
• Capacity – 5 rounds
• Safety – Taurus Security System
• Sights – Fiber Optic
• Finish – Matte Stainless
• Grips – Pink Ribbed Rubber for Superior Handling

Now is the time for women to consider learning to defend themselves against vicious attacks. The Taurus 4510 Public Defender is just the ideal revolver for women to carry around for their self-defense



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